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Asker jurgan Asks:
" What I don’t believe is that such an interaction could ever go well. Challenging a stranger based on the look on his face? Good luck with that." So how would she feel if someone challenged her based on the look on her face and, oh, told her to "smile more?"
shakesvillekoolaid shakesvillekoolaid Said:

That would prompt an essay about societal expectations for women to smile. 


Re: the article itself: I also dig the idea that the conversation ended “years ago.” Clearly written by someone who isn’t a public feminist and is still obliged to have the “humorless feminist” conversation every. damn. day.’

So what is a ‘public feminist’?  Is this something Liss has introduced before?  I’m guessing from the context it’s something good, and therefore that she sees herself as a ‘public feminist’, but what does this even mean?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I know this is so petty, but ... Today's "Cute" post is about her cat Sophie. I think that cat is really cute (I also like her Matilda a lot), but I've noticed she always talks about Sophie as being incredibly, remarkably tiny. She doesn't look noticeably tiny to me and never has, and I've been reading Shakesville since way before she got her. It seems each of her animals has some totes adorbs shorthand signifier. Is this some kind of effort not to elide their identities or monolithize them?
shakesvillekoolaid shakesvillekoolaid Said:

In the Shakesville Pantheon it goes Liz and then her animals. Their “faults” are merely just part of their god powers.


It’s a week old now, but I just binge-watched the first season of Broad City and, retroactively, this terrible post is even worse than I thought. 

I think Broad City is a good not great sitcom, made by two young women, and is, as far as I can see, firmly small ‘f’ feminist. That is, it don’t really tackle any feminist issues head-on, but it has two women at the center, who are three dimensional characters that have agency and make their own decisions, some good some bad. Not only does it constantly pass the Bechdel Test, I can only think on one scene off the top of my head that would pass the reverse Bechdel Test (two male characters talking).

I really fail to see how it’s “ironic misogyny equals feminism”. I can’t think of anything in the first season that is misogynist, ironic or no. Unless young women making mistakes or working at a crappy job is now misogyny.

It may not be to your taste. It’s not totally to my taste. But to just trash it with no elaboration is just terrible.

Am I missing something?

"It’s so frustrating when you know, just by a look, but if you even try to talk to someone else who doesn’t Get It, you get the old "you were just being too sensitive" routine.  (And Maude help you if you actually try to address it with the person giving the look.)

It’s like, after a lifetime (or however long) of this shit, we know.”


The Look she’s talking about is a fat-hating look.  And I believe there is sometimes a Look, the same way there is sometimes a Look given to lots of people by jerks.

I also believe that, with the help of Maude, Liz might “actually try to address it with the person giving the look.”  What I don’t believe is that such an interaction could ever go well.  Challenging a stranger based on the look on his face?  Good luck with that.  There’s really nowhere to go with a conversation that begins, “Stop looking at me like that.”

I'd love to talk about Jezebel's nonstop racism+transphobia. Like, I've got a folder of screenshots I have to do something with.
shakesvillekoolaid shakesvillekoolaid Said:

What do you guys think?


"I feel like there are a lot of issues of privilege around phone communication that don’t get explored very often, so here’s a thread in which we can talk about our experiences."

She’s read Shakesville Koolaid, and she’s playing “Gotcha!” with us, right?

Open thread!
How would you all feel about opening this up to other places? Like Bitch, Feministe, Jezebel etc?
Also, Tina.

Open thread!

How would you all feel about opening this up to other places? Like Bitch, Feministe, Jezebel etc?

Also, Tina.


Kevin Wolf: Hear, hear! Excellent post, Melissa.

Melissa’s reply: Thanks, Kevin!

Who gets a reply, and who gets crickets? Consider Kevin Wolf a member of the inner circle.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always glad to see Melissa responding to comments and acknowledging her readers.

She tweeted this:

@JarredH Thank you for your nice note in the OT this morning. <3


What is she replying to?


Good morning, Shakers!

I just wanted to leave a plate of virtual cookies here for Melissa and the mods as thanks for all the hard work they put into making this a safe space for everyone and sympathies for the garbage they have to put up with in their efforts to do so.

Readers thank Melissa all of the time.  They praise her work, acknowledge the moderators, and tell her that she’s made a big difference in their lives.  She doesn’t read every comment, and I assume that she decided long ago not to bother replying to most of the praise, so it’s interesting when she does respond.  You can tell who’s in the inner circle and who’s not.

It’s nice of her to respond to JarredH. I wish that more of the other gushing testimonials and “this safe space means so much to me” and “Liss you’ve inspired me in these ways” comments also got a response. Someone in the inner circle says, “Great post,” and she jumps with thanks. Someone else pours her heart out to thank Melissa for inspiring her, and…crickets.

"I didn’t see any dissent and the couple people who tried to correct or clarify were promptly banned. I thought it amazing and I have a lot of fucking time on my hands."


I honestly can’t even tell why she’s angry about NBC’s talent search…. Women seem underrepresented, so she could talk about that. But instead she chooses to be cynical about its outcome. Even though two of the members of the panel created shows that are far from the normal BS. (Mindy Kaling Show and Parks and Rec respectively.)


Jesus Christ, most people would just call it volunteering.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
So the latest target of Melissa's profound contempt is an article that says that "most of us" don't know much about "the heartland," because it's othering the lived experiences of people who actually live there. But in her rush to place herself at the bottom of this axis of oppression, she's (1) eliding the "most of" part, and (2) missing the point that "the heartland" as the author's defining it does not actually include the Chicago suburbs.
shakesvillekoolaid shakesvillekoolaid Said:

I KNOW. The thing is, even if the author was more specific, she would still consider it othering to people who might be from Nowheres, Indiana that live in NYC.