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It’s been a while, but today this happened at Shakesville and I had to comment.

Let me first restate why I do this: because I believe Melissa McEwan is harming people both by emotionally abusing her commenters and encouraging the moderators to do so. I also think she is deliberately preying on…

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Umm...did you see Liz's rage post against Daily Show making fun of Romney? For starters she makes fun of Republicans constantly in ways she'd NEVER allow anyone to say about Obama. But then she says making fun of Taft by pretending he's pregnant is "erasing trans men who have been pregnant". It's like she's TRYING to be offended by everything.
shakesvillekoolaid shakesvillekoolaid Said:

That whole post was ridiculous

I’m tempted to email KTMBERRY and direct her over here. Y/N?

All are welcome!

I found this old blog post from the founder of Offbeat Bride about progressive “bullying” online re: privilege and semantics. It reminded me a lot about what we talk about here.


So this was in today’s In The News.  Melissa makes it sound like having a judge approve a name change is some great injustice; but I think she just doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  I’ve changed my name, and while in my state I had to file a paper with the probate court, my friend in a neighboring state had to go before a judge.  Because that is standard procedure in that state.  I don’t know what the law is in Kansas, but that a judge had to approve her name change might simply be the standard order of business and nothing to do with transphobia, which is what Melissa seems to be assuming.  There is nothing in the article to imply that Chelsea Manning’s name change was any kind of special case. 

And that sounds like a perfectly valid point, except there is no way to bring that up at Shakesville itself.

THIS DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE.  Rape Culture isn’t a car, a color, an opinion… It isn’t something that could even be accurately described as neutral because it makes no sense!

And the description of Shakesville makes me want to vomit.


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Just an observation that this site now seems to have more comments and discussion than the actual Shakesville!
shakesvillekoolaid shakesvillekoolaid Said:

Ha! I hope so. I like the way a lot of the discussions are going here. It seems kind of weird that a call out blog is more civil than an Advanced Feminist Space.

Oh shit, here we go. One thing I hate about Shakesville is how little they actually do. There’s a lot of reading, commenting, ignoring rowmyboat’s excess of information about her sex life but not  a lot of actual action.

And it seems this commenter is finally like FUCKKKK and screams in frustration about it in a general sort of way.

Liz is weirdly reasonable about the one thing she takes umbrage with which, honestly, kmtberry should have picked up on. The author of the blog post wasn’t saying “us womens managed everything but we forgot about our olds and then if we fix that we’re done.” 

She did make it All About Liz.

H_H thinks that organizing feminists is silencing.

KMTBERRY is back swinging. But for how long?


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So -- it finally happened -- a comment of mine was disappeared! It was in the question of the day for April 22, where she asked people to tell the 3 sentence version of one of their favorite stories to tell. I told a TRUE story of the worst customer I ever had at work. (Micro version: a lady on wic got mad that she couldn't get the frozen juice she wanted , so she threw the frozen juice at me. I guess nothing that paints someone on public assistance as less than a saint can be permitted?)
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Condolences anon!

Oh there is so much wrong with this. First off, Liz stop fucking creating words. Secondly “Asian” woman? REALLY. 

But some Shakers being Shakers are more concerned they pointed out the blonde hair. So you think the answer is going to be something like “it’s more descriptive” or “it helps differentiate the characters” but no. Oh no. It goes way deeper than that.

The best thing about it is hallelujah_hippo manages to blow the idea of a generic “kyriarchetypically attractive” type out of the water by insinuating the brunettes aren’t as pretty as the blonde while appearing to tow the line.

Liz then makes up something about how she’s talking about “ditzy blonde” stereotypes? I don’t know.



In the comments to this post, a commenter who isn’t even a mod condescendingly suggests that another commenter revisit the comment guidelines for using the term “underweight” and “overweight.”

The mods then went ahead and changed “underweight” to “very thin” in the first comment because apparently you can’t ever suggest that there’s a healthy weight even on the low end.

What’s really fucked up is that the first commenter was talking about herself and her experiences with anorexia, when she really was an unhealthy weight. But on Shakesville it’s okay to change the terms someone with an eating disorder uses about their own bodies because someone who’s fat might feel like it’s some kind of personal judgment of them.

on Rickey Gervais

"Secondly: LOL FOREVER at the assertion that Gervais isn’t doing "safe, homogenized stuff" when he’s a teller and defender of rape jokes, disablist jokes, and fat jokes (for a start), as if making fun of rape, disabled people, and fat people isn’t so old it’s got brontosaurus shit in the treads of its sensible shoes. "

My wife (age 58) wears sensible shoes. I suspect she Liss will also. And ‘Brontosaurus’ is no longer the accepted name anyway. It’s Apatosaurus.

Of course I guess going to school in the midst of the deconstuctionisme meme she was all what Goss and Levitt were talking about in “Higher Superstition”. 

Monday Blogaround


links to this article


Second paragraph:

It’s hardly a surprise that this format has erupted to popularity within comment journalism, which typically focuses on a watered-down liberal model of feminism, devoid of the radical kick we need to Get Shit Done. It elides asking why things are as they are, and proposing solutions, instead lumbering blame on the unfortunate women who commit unfeminist acts, or lauding those who act adequately feminist.

Oh, god, it’s spreading.

Is this blogger a Shaker who picked up on Melissa’s vocabulary?  Shakesville isn’t even on her blogroll.

Is this term in broader mis-use than I realized?

Uh, isn’t the average salary at her husband’s company like 90k? And he’s been there for years so his is probably higher.

If two people without children are “struggling” on a yearly income of 100k+ (at least 8,500 a month) they are doing something extremely wrong and I feel totally fine judging them.

Why the fuck does she always comment on how attractive a woman is, or what type it fits into. The way she writes it is so sneering and cruel. Like “kyriarchitypically attractive women” are somehow at fault for the shittiness of Excedrin or who ever is putting out bad advertising. I thought it was the point of feminist sites and feminism to not judge women’s bodies. Fat, thin, in between, doesn’t fucking matter right? THE IDEA IS WE’RE ALL WORTH SOMETHING REGARDLESS OF HOW WE FIT INTO THE MALE MOLD OF WHAT’S ACCEPTABLE. But in Liz’s world bodies can be judged. Bodies that aren’t like hers.